Which water pressure pump to choose? Which one did we take?

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Short answer: They are all pretty good, but some known brands are Shurflo (fancy one) and Fiamma (budget one). We went with a Jabsco 12V 2.9 Fresh Water Pressure Pump (Known in the boat world) for 95 euro. We were thinking about buying the one from Biltema but we got recommendations not to from other van builders who have tried it.😉

Let us know what you chose in the comments 🥰

Long answer: Today we went shopping for our water pressure pump and we landed on a Jabsco 12V 2.9 Fresh Water Pressure Pump. It pumps 11 liters per minute. We got a good deal on it on our local boat supply store so it felt like the go to for us. After some research and comparing the Shurflo, the Swedish biltema one and Fiamma with the Jabasco that we had in our hands we thought well, what the hell it can’t go that bad.

Some questions you have to take into consideration when you’re buying all the parts for your van build is: how long is the delivery if we go with a well known brand? Why should I choose the well know brand? Do I have a guarantee and how long does it last? Can I ask someone how it works and how to connect it?🤔

The last questions were a dealbreaker for us. To be able to ask the guy in the store for help, what has worked for him and the reviews he had gotten from costumers is just such a relief. He gave us a whole kit with fittings, fresh water tank, grey water tank and the pump. Since we know nothing about installing water systems it was a comfort knowing that our kit will work together.👍

We know that the Shurflo is the popular one, but we think that we got a bargain on the Jabasco. So pro tip, broaden your search a bit. The boat industry and the RV industry have a lot in common. Especially when it comes to water tanks, but more about them tomorrow. 😊

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