Onthefreeside was created by Indie & Joel, we are a nomadic Swedish couple who decided to pursue our dream of a more sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle.

When the world got shut down due to covid-19 we had to leave our travels & fly back home from the other side of the world, knowing we would probably not be able to travel anywhere soon we decided to convert a van into our very first home and make a dream come true.

Along the way we realized & decided that we want to pursue this nomadic lifestyle to 100% in every aspect, not only in our free time but also as a career. That’s when Onthefreeside started taking form.

What is Onthefreeside and what do we want to do with THIS platform?

We want it to be a combination of lifestyle inspiration & knowledge, to share our van build with you & how we live our lives, the ups and downs on the road travelling with our home and the problems(& solutions) you might face as a couple. We are also HUGE food & drink enthusiasts so don’t be surprised if we drop a cookbook out of the blue.

During our build we have had the pleasure of being introduced to the amazing van life community, both in Sweden & internationally, and we want to keep spreading that love and connection that we have been receiving.

To summaries: We want to share our way of life with you, not too glorified with only sunshine and rainbows but the gloomy days filled with arguing as well, to be free to be who we are. A life on the free side.

Welcome to our lives