How big is our water tank and how much did it cost?

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Which water tanks to go for? Which one did we buy?

Short answer:
We got a 84 liter fresh water tank from a local boat supply store fitted with a filling point, air vault and the possibility to clean it.
We got a 42 liter grey water tank, we will make our own hole in it for the shower and a dump hose fitting.
Total cost: 99 + 67 = 166 euro (not including all the small fittings).

Long answer:
We searched up & down for water tanks & we never really seemed to find the right one for us. They were always either too big or had completely wrong measurements to fit in our van, but we finally found our babies!

Our fresh water tank holds 84L, it´s made out of plastic (white polypropylene) & has the measurements L700xW400xH300.
For us it’s important to feel completely free & always have water, we will start with our 84L & see if it’s enough. We will run both shower/dishes & drinking water from this tank. We bought it from in Strömstad, Sweden. You can order online but we don’t know about the shipping though.

Our grey water tank holds 42L & it´s also made out of plastic. It has the measurement L700xW400xH200 & works just right for us.

There are a few options of materials for your water tank & there are pros and cons for all of them. Consider weight, space, price and cleanliness to find the best option for you!

For us it was important that they were completely square, lightweight & that we could see through them. When building a van every cm is super important so we really wanted to be able to fit it in nicely. We will probably add some sort of led strip along the tanks so that we can easily see how much water is in them.

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