Volunteering opportunity in the Swedish countryside

Come volunteer at our property in Sweden

Are you looking for an opportunity in Volunteering in Sweden this summer? 

Join us at Freeside Forest, a welcoming community in the Swedish countryside’s heart. We invite volunteers from all walks of life to be part of our unique workaway experience in the summer 2024. Whether you’re a professional carpenter, an enthusiastic gardener, a creative musician, or simply someone eager to learn and share skills, your contribution is valued here.

At our Freeside forest property, we embrace diversity and an open-minded approach, creating a space where good vibes and a willingness to connect are at the heart of everything we do. 

Experience the real Sweden through community-based volunteering, where no prior skills are needed – just a spirit of adventure and a desire to be part of something bigger!

Volunteers working on a countryside renovation project at Freeside Property in Sweden
Volunteers working on a countryside renovation project at Freeside Property in Sweden


We would like for you to stay at least 2 weeks and it will be a classic workaway exchange. We will organize and provide accommodation and food for you in exchange for 25 hours of work on the property per week. We are very flexible in how we schedule the workdays and hours, so once you are here we will sit down and come up with a plan that works great for both you and for us.

Volunteers enjoying a meal on a countryside renovation project at Freeside Property in Sweden

What are the Freeside projects?

The Tiny House – Our biggest building project, which we started with our volunteers last summer, is to build a tiny house on the property, using as much recycled material as possible. We are also slowly working on fixing up the big timber house and the barns on the property when the weather won’t allow us to be outside. Any previous building experience is welcomed, but not necessary, as long as you have a willing-to-learn approach.

The Forest – We have a lot of forest on the property and we are looking to create some more open space for our garden and other projects, so if you have a chainsaw and the knowledge of using it safely we would really appreciate it! This project involves forest conservation and more physical work as we clear the forest and sort out the trees that can be used for building and what works as firewood.

The Garden – Our dream is to be as self-sustainable as possible, so we will put a lot of time and effort into creating a beautiful and well-planned garden for us all to share. If you have gardening skills you are most welcome, but it’s also not a requirement as we are just learning. This year we wont have the time to focus on actually gardening so we will just prepare and clear the land for future years. 

The Biggest Project of Them All – Creating a community is the biggest and greatest project we can imagine! Meeting new people, connecting, and sharing with each other is so important and something we truly believe in. Here at the Freeside project, we cook and eat as a family, have bonfire evenings, explore the forest together, go swimming in the lakes, and also have the occasional hangover movie night.

If you have your own project, maybe you are building on your van, you are more than welcome to do so at our property. We have most of the regular and power tools you might need.

everything you need to know

The property is located between Malung and Hagfors. You will get an exact Google Maps pin when you are booked in. But as a heads-up, there are no grocery stores around and we live deep in the forest. 

Like deep deep in the forest so be prepared to go far away from civilization. 

Either you take your own car/van or we pick you up from the Hagfors bus-station or Malung bus-station. If you are arriving the same day as another volunteer it’s possible to arrange a ride share. 

The best time to arrive to Malung is at Monday around 11, then you have an hour to maybe get some snacks and beer/wine for the weeks ahead, as we might not go to town for a while. 

At 12 on Mondays and Thursdays there is a communal minivan leaving from central Malung that will drop you off at the property. 

We have plenty of things that need fixing on the property. Usually, we start the day by going over what needs to be done and then we divide the tasks between us depending on what you like to do the most. 
It can be everything from clearing the forest, doing dishes, building a tiny house, organizing a tool shed, building a bench, painting a shed, putting seeds in the garden, making a garden bed, picking berries or taking the car to town for some shopping. 

NOT AT ALL! We see this as an exchange and hopefully, we can learn something from you and we can teach you something. We have plenty of power tools if you are interested in learning how to use them you are more than welcome. 

We will make up tasks that fit your experience and ensure that you feel comfortable with the task you get. 

All you need is an “I can learn” attityde  ❤️

We offer two types of volunteer accommodations. The first is a room designed for couples, featuring a double bed. The second is a larger room divided by curtains into three smaller, private spaces.

Each room is equipped with a dresser, lamp, chair, bed, and bedding.

Please note that this is a renovation property, so while the accommodations are not luxurious, they are comfortable and functional. Each space provides a standard bed and curtains for privacy.

We can host up to 5 people and we have realized the best amount of people is between 4-6 volunteers. 

But we love people so if someone is traveling through in a van we always let them park up on the property. We also let people pitch tents wherever they want to pitch a tent. 

We all pitch in with cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing. This is separate from the 25 volunteer hours per week, as it’s part of daily life.

We provide all the food. You have full access to the kitchen for any meals. Breakfast is on your own, but we cook lunch and dinner together. If you have specific dietary needs or just prefer to cook for yourself, go right ahead. Our pantry is open to you.

While we mostly cook vegan, we do have meat in the house. We get a lot of our food through dumpster diving to reduce waste. If you’re curious about this or want to try it, you’re welcome to join in. Our meals are healthy, with lots of veggies and beans. Feel free to bring and cook your own meat or other specific foods if you like.

So I am going to be completely honest with you. We love to drink and party. We love to have a glass of wine or a cocktail at the end of the day. We do not provide any alcohol for you so you have to bring your own. 

If you also like to have a few glasses at the end of the day make sure to budget and bring that with you. We are far from civilization (35/45 minute drive) and you won’t be able to pop to the shop during your time at the property. (if you do not have your own car then)

From my experience from the previous summer – if you want to drink beer budget how many you drink per day and bring that! 


  • Systembolaget holds a monopoly on alcohol sales in Sweden, making it relatively expensive. If you’re passing through Germany on your way here, it’s a good idea to stock up on alcohol.


  • Grocery items can be more expensive in Sweden. If you’re traveling for an extended period and arriving by car or van, consider stocking up on food. Also, I’m happy to teach you how to dumpster dive in a way that’s respectful to the stores, environment, and other divers.


  • We have a significant number of mosquitos, especially during summer nights. Some nights are manageable, but there can be swarms on others. Be sure to bring long sleeves, pants, and mosquito repellent.

Weather in Dalarna:

  • May: The average temperature ranges from 5°C to 15°C. It’s a month with a mix of spring warmth and occasional cold snaps.
  • June: Expect average temperatures between 10°C and 20°C. The days are longer, and nature is in full bloom.
  • July: This is typically the warmest month, with averages from 12°C to 22°C. Ideal for outdoor activities.
  • August: Temperatures range from 10°C to 20°C, with a gradual transition to cooler autumn weather.
Some days we have up to 30 degrees and some nights are cooler down to 15 degress. Just make sure to have some layers. We also provide working clothes and have extra warm jackets etc. 

Wild Camping:

  • In Sweden, “every man’s right” (Allemansrätten) generally allows wild camping with a ten, as long as you respect nature and stay no more than a couple of days in one spot.
  • Avoid camping in nature reserves, national parks, or near buildings. Leave no trace behind.
  • Always park in designated areas. Off-road driving is not permitted under the “terrängkörningslagen” law, except for agriculture or forestry purposes.

Additional Tips:

  • Language: Most Swedes are fully fluent in English. 
  • Cultural: Swedes value personal space and environmental responsibility. 
  • Transportation: Public transport is reliable, but in remote areas like ours, having a car can be advantageous.

Join us for our dedicated family weeks this summer at Freeside Forest. Before you decide, it’s important to know that our property is a work in progress, which means it’s more about outdoor living and less about indoor comforts. If you are raising little wildlings this place is for you and your family. We have aset 2 week period that we can accomodate families – 24th June to 7th July

Accommodations and Living Conditions:

  • We offer one family room, suitable for a family stay. It’s basic – think of it more as a dormitory. It’s not fancy in any way but it’s on the second floor so it has a bit more privacy and a doubble bed as well as mattresses. 
  • The property is quite rustic and can be a bit dirty, as most of our activities and daily life happen outdoors.
  • There’s no indoor hot water shower. But we can always fill a bucket with warm water for baths. 
  • If you have a van, you’re welcome to bring it for additional personal space or if you want to live in it. 

Meals and Dietary Needs:

  • We provide meals, but we ask you to manage any special dietary needs for your children.

Outdoor Adventure:

  • Our property is great for families who love the outdoors. There’s plenty of space for kids to play and explore.
  • Weather permitting, we enjoy regular trips to the nearby lake.

If your family enjoys outdoor adventures and doesn’t mind a less polished living space, you are more than welcome. 

These weeks my niece will be with me – she is 7 years old so we will already have some kids to play with if they are the same age. 

OH YES! We have 3 bikes, 2 longboards, fishing gear, and picking berry gear. As well as plenty of games that you can play both inside and outside. 

There are plenty of forest trails and lakes around so we like to swim in our free time if the weather is nice. 

We also just got a boat that we would love to fix for the summer, maybe that’s a project you would love to do? 

When the boat is finished we can bring it down to the lake. 

So we do live in the forest and therefore we suggest that you bring clothes that are suitable for being outside in the forest.

We suggest:

  • Rainboots and rain clothes
  • Mosquito repellant (a lot)
  • Allergy pills if you are allergic to mosquitos
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothes to work outside on the property with
  • Bathing suit
  • Something warm for the chilly nights. We live in Dalarna and nights can be colder, we like to sit outside in front of the fire pit so under garments are a nice addition. 
  • Alcohol (as much as you drink)
  • Special snacks that you like
  • Games – if you have any fun games you want to introduce us too, we would love to learn. 

We have a closet for volunteers with plenty of clothes that you can use when working on the property ❤️

Yes we have Wi-Fi. As we live in the forest sometimes its not the fastest. If you need to take a work call we have an extra mobile router just for work. 

Some networks have reception – Ours which is Telenor works perfectly. 

OFC!! We will talk about it when you are there!

Indie and Joel who own and run the property together are super extroverted and love to hang out. We provide you with your own little space so if you are more introverted you can always retreat back to your space (or take a walk in the forest) and gather energy. 

We would call it a lively community living situation. We love to do bon fires, drink wine, stay up late and party, play games together, and hang out. You don’t have to join in on everything but we do want to create a relaxed community living space and a space for people to connect. There is not a must to be up super late or to really do anything. 

There is also not a must to be up super early. We like to start our days around 9-10 ish ❤️

YES OMG YES! We absolutely love animals. We do accept that everyone brings their pet so let us know if there might be a problem with cats, kids and dogs etc. 

We just take you to the train or bus station. We want you to be here because you want to and have time to. If something happens that stops that we will make sure you can go home again. 

Just a heads up: we don’t have hot water inside the house. However, there’s an outdoor shower behind the house with an instant hot water heater. Getting the temperature just right can be a bit tricky sometimes.

Inside, we have a regular water toilet. We’re also planning to install outdoor toilets on the property soon.

If you have your own van that’s fantastic. We have plenty of space on the property to park up and plug in. You can fill you water, charge up your van, or even do some renovations as we have all the tools. 
So we would happily have you come and stay in your van on our property.

Join Us for a Unique Volunteering Experience in Sweden!

We’re looking for volunteers to join us for 2 to 3 weeks. These time slots are designed to align with our project schedules and help you integrate better into our community.

See our available dates to choose a time that fits your schedule. While we will prioritize volunteers who can stay for the full period, we understand if you can only join us for a week. Longer stays just give everyone a better chance to connect and work well together.

We get a lot of applications so make sure to take the time and energy to fill in your form properly ❤️

Spring Session -
three weeks

20th May to 9th June

Special for this period is that we are opening up the property and will focus a lot of getting the tiny house built as much as possible!

We will also have to restore stuff that has broken around the property during winter. 

Early Summer Session - two weeks possibility to bring your kids!

24th June to 7th July

This is the only weeks we accept children so if you are traveling with children this is your time! 

Focus is on tiny house!

Read more about bringing children in the “everything you need to know” section. 

Mid-Summer Session - two weeks

16nd July to 30th July

This period kicks off with our summer party. A party that we have invited our friends and family to. It’s like a mini festival so the first week we will focus on getting the property ready for the party and then we will have 4 days with a complete festival mood. 

After that we are focusing on the tiny house and property as usual.

During the festival week the pantry will be open for you but there wont be any planned meal

Late Summer Session - three weeks

12th August to 1st September

The last litte stretch of the summer. We will sprint to get as much done on the tiny house and the property as possible before summer ends

It’s also Indie birthday the 15th. I love to celebrate just so you know 😍

Available Weeks:
21 - 22 - 23 - 26 - 27 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 33- 34 - 35


Please note that signing up does not guarantee a volunteering spot at our property. The availability of positions depends on timing, the number of volunteers we can accommodate, your replies in your application form, and our assessment during our call to determine if we’re a good match.

You have to be above 18 to apply ❤️


What happens when you sign up

Step 1: Sign Up for Our Email List

  • Begin by signing up for our email list. This is your first step towards an amazing summer experience at Freeside Property.
  • What Happens Next: Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email from us with a detailed application form.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application Form

  • Take your time to fill out the form. This helps us understand your interests, skills, and what you hope to gain from this experience.
  • What Happens Next: After submitting your form, we will review your application and get back to you. 

Step 3: Let’s Have a Chat

  • We’ll arrange a call to get to know each other better. This is a great opportunity for us to discuss your application and for you to ask any questions.
  • What Happens Next: Following our call, we’ll confirm your volunteering dates and provide further details.

Step 4: Confirmation and Final Details

  • Once your dates are confirmed, we’ll send you an email with all the essential information: what to bring, property location, travel directions with a map, and other important details.
  • What Happens Next: Start preparing for your adventure!

Step 5: Stay in Touch

  • If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to stay in touch. All the info will be in your welcoming email. 
A flower
A flower


⭐ Enthusiastic individual, regardless of professional background.

⭐ Open-mindED WITH a positive attitude



meet the hosts

Indie and Joel the owners of Onthefreeside and Freeside forest project hugging each other and looking happy
Indie and Joel the owners of Onthefreeside and Freeside forest project hugging each other and looking happy
Indie infront of her van

We are Indie and Joel

After spending three years in our van, we embarked on a journey and bought a property in the Swedish woods. We didn’t really have a plan, but we sure had dreams. We wanted to create a super cool community of like-minded individuals who come together to create cool stuff. Together with Indie’s mom, Ebba, we bought this house for around 36,000 euros and are now working on renovating it and building our own little forever homes. We’ve always been passionate about sustainability and building things with recycled materials.

We haven’t really made any concrete plans for the property yet, except for the tiny houses. The house will evolve as we do, and we’ll see what happens in the future. For now, we’re trying to build, enjoy, and experience all that life has to offer.

We love hanging out around the bonfire, playing games, and talking about deep emotions.

This summer, Joel will embark on his own adventure and work down in Gothenburg. He’ll come to the property whenever he can, but Captain Indie will be steering the ship this summer.

what we offer

A chance to be part of a loving, close-knit community. ⭐ 

Opportunities to help with unique building projects. ⭐ 

A platform to learn, teach, and share diverse skills. ⭐ 

An authentic glimpse into life in the beautiful Swedish countryside. ⭐ 

Volunteers working on a countryside renovation project at Freeside Property in Sweden

Volunteering at Indie and Joels property in the Swedish woods was a real pleasure. Organizing my stay / volunteering was super simple seeing as there was always really nice and open communication. Once I was on the property I found they are both so welcoming and just very enriching people to be around. Immediately felt like a home away from home. The tasks were well defined and distributed but still there was no pressure and we decided together on plans for the day. I would highly recommend volunteering with Indie and Joel if you want to get to know more about Sweden, like being outdoors, want to get stuck in to a variety of cool projects, and like spending time with fun and interesting people.

Robyn Cody