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Leon, a trained chef from the Black Forest of Germany, has a love for cooking over an open flame. His passion for outdoor living runs deep, spending his days bushcrafting and foraging for ingredients to whip up delicious meals over the fire. Last summer, he and his partner Franzi took

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Indie, a passionate nature enthusiast and skilled cook, is your host at the retreat. Two years ago, she and her partner Joel bought the property with the vision of bringing people together. Known for her ability to create community, Indie’s experiences from running a resort kitchen in Tonga to practicing

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Franzi, a photographer and videographer, finds her truest joy in the heart of nature. Whether she’s capturing its beauty through her lens or foraging for ingredients to craft soothing salves and oils, the outdoors is where she feels most alive. Last year, she and her partner, Leon, took a leap

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